you have never met such a wizard as this wizard.
he is an extreme wizard with the marking of a
blood-dipped finger placed firm across his outer cheek.

he keeps onward threading his lightning bolts
through her fine sheen of shrug: magic everywhere.

she accepts the wild creeping snakes of burning matter
partly in her dreadful mouth. they hiss and pop
in the cold & olden cavern of her;

at some point he is planning to tear her in half
and kill her up-
hurtling right through her like a world.


See here beneath my spacesuit
to the spacesuit underneath
and beyond that the girl
with the skin like a spacesuit?

I wondered about you cutting it off
like a cord so I flew
backwards into the spaces
of your naked beauty.

And if I immortalise you
ever so quick before you disappear
in a kissing-shaped hole in a cornfield,
will you become available

as the brightest ever moon?
Words come and go, empty as selves-
though I would like to have touched you
even by this.

Like all tides I’ve become a girl
on a page. Pick up my squeals
and put them close against your ear.
The rush of air is the sound of longing

even now far away
from the sea.