New Year New You
A freefall into a cupboard full
Of metal coat hangers
As collarbones
As elbows bare as bones the
Spare branches of whitened

  • Birches
  • A burden
  • A foghorn
  • The untaken path
  • An unhappy wife
  • Open firs
  • Months as a moon
  • The awful bone bare days

  • White flags
  • New teeth
  • The new Terrible Terrible
  • The whitewashed burden
  • The last ever Mother
  • They are running out

  • On the earth
  • Into the sea
  • Ashes in flashes
  • Finger joints
  • An eyelash
  • One broken wheel
  • A space in your contacts

  • A never resolved space
  • A lack of love
  • Lack of input
  • Lack of action
  • A desire
  • The Never-achieved

  • Drumroll
  • Tin foil
  • A discarded status
  • Deletion
  • Backwards living
  • Granulation
  • Ghosting
  • See also: Flight

wonder of the copt
and tiniest
marsh sprite
bright eyed
super girl
in bluebells
& sea-lavender-
pink as a
an essex sky


untangling myself from the sheets and rolling
round i see your smile and it is vast as a
smile, your spider hand comes down onto my
face which is a face lined with worry and black
marks round the eyes and crust

hello you say. hello to you, waking up and
considering tea and all the things, like cash
flow and how to change the world by inventing
a robot super race that is not human in the
best ways. hello softness. your mouth is the

exact warmth of spring, but also wet and dark
like soil. your eyes are mostly full of laughing and
i am pretty sure it is at me. i think this is absolutely
right and my crow’s feet crinkle up into a million
different roads to take and this is also very good

i expect we will be king and queen


Période, and the tower out the
Window. It was transported over ze
Sea! Well that's one way, isn't-it-not.
Romance is a dead horse- Nietzsche
Knew about that. Gendarmes
Guard the girders and Hitler
Only had one boule- he held the
Key in his grubbed up mitt- a Man.

We traverse the Tuileries and look at yon
Kittiwake. He hisses and drives back the
Dross. Get out, he squawks and pierces the
Enemy. The golden ball that rests on the
Water is just for show- this will end
Badly. Faces in a cafe and old skins lying
Around like off a snake. Casual tears and
A church with crosses made from driftwood

Or birch. I am jealous of the peace. There
Is no peace. I think the idea brings me
Peace. Paris. And what
Are you? A beautiful pile of rubble.
The river is high with rain. Padlocks flap
In the thin wind. People try and hang onto things.
In danger of exploding- our bags are full of

Weapons. We are terrorists and terrify
Ourselves. But what about we say. What 
About? And all these bones. What about these
Six million sets of ivories! You kiss me hard
In the bedroom and we wonder about the
Girl in the wallpaper, the rakish Gent-bird,
Hurt by exactitude-
Ossifying in the dark like a self.


not just grief but
marks & sparks

tights what leave a mouth around your
waste. she probably opens in different ways,
a small aperture. a large glass of wine
is half a bottle.

if you snap open your peepers through the murk and static 
somewhere there on the bloody horizon lies Securitas. 
it is a sinking city and the inhabitants grow lacy webs 
like doilies between their toes. the walls are cakes: 
it is a place of pain.

we am bound to get fused 
like the chin and neck in an acid attack- to be one 
like a single crow on a lorry, bled together like sense, 
your duty like a dull grey throb that pulses nil.

outside are stretches of tears, cat-hair. 
long days of pouting at mr death like a milkless christ.
Men to battle on Relevant Subjects, 
the endless teachings of older women 
wrapped in disappointment like mystical roadside hags.

you travel back in and grapple with an artifact.
it is a rolling pin, yet the end is covered in human tissue.

you recall your mother reversing into a motorcyclist.
i could have fucking killed him

that queer sort of joy, 
quickening her hips into life.


Little Auk of the green corridors,
Arctic flip-flap of the undug dugout,
Alluvium piper of wetted socks
and the great spines of tyres-

sit you on Treacle Mustard,
the untiled roof of this
brokedown house,

the business eyes that coat you in flint;
Sing to them of knick-knacks,
this spear-head, done-in lake
meandered to death in wandering...

O Little Auk!
Flit you across the axe-rich earth,
so Bright High over the red hoods
of the two-wheeled men.


artlessness on a friday
and they’ve put the grit down-

no sky, no smell of fire
no fire-burned char just

blood-flat london.
a split open arm in some tug of war


Hare meets Gnome: Kenning

Sack-eared witch-zipper of the wild seas of grass
darts drunk through a crazy-paved mouth of flowers.

Small Sir: bell-hatted monkey of the beds, watches silently-
his one still eye on a single ebony breast-
the crone of clouds that spills like oil across her haunted torch.



I stepped up
towards mother pines
on the brighter moor,

I saw where five deer
more ragged than
the rose that flickered
lapped every God
to water,

I followed the river back
like each of the otters
at Ullapool did
for them and who/
whatever waited I
at the garden's edge.

The night that never
followed stood on
through fur supple eyes
they-darned in mother,

and Rannoch forest
graceful from
the kingfisher south
where we saw the night
stealing in-between

the pound-coin holidays
she brought out to hers-
the watched ones
looking for their ribs,
and those swears that saw them
the same before teatime.

I must have been
that window in my middle
because I have
no memory of them,
of the house we were then-

the years more
coloured than the trees,
fish-bone closer
than hooves.